Network PoPs

ConnetU operate a BGPv4 IPv4/IPv6 dual-stacked network in London, with IP transit and Layer 2 MPLS interconnect network services available. This network is also operated under the MetroWire brand offering optical waves, layer 2 MPLS Ethernet pseudowires and London IP transit.

Private peering and customer connections are available at the following points of presence:

London Docklands: Telehouse North, Telehouse East, Telehouse West, Sovereign House*, Harbour Exchange 6&7, Harbour Exchange 8&9, Meridian Gate (Memaco House), Global Switch London 1*, Global Switch London 2*, Telstra London Hosting Centre, City Reach Tutis Point

London City: Netwise Bermondsey, Level(3) Goswell Road, Interxion LON1 and Interxion LON2, City LifeLine*, Volta Great Sutton Street*

Greater London: Equinix LD4/LD5/LD6 Slough, Greenwich, Croydon, West Byfleet, Farnborough

* Pre-planned for break-out, subject to demand

Traffic and Peering Policy

Our customers are primarily content providers, hence our traffic profile is mostly (but not heavily) outbound.

We operate an open peering policy within reason - we will peer with anyone where it makes sense to do so (typically by volume of traffic exchanged), at LINX (London), LONAP (London), France-IX (Paris), AMS-IX (Amsterdam) or by private peering.

At IXPs we will publish our prefixes on the route servers but offer no guarantee we accept prefixes from the route server; we may operate a reject-all or a filtered policy at our discretion.

All peering sessions will be filtered by origin ASNs obtained from the AS-SET macro for the peer, and each prefix received checked against a corresponding ROUTE origin for that ASN (the aut-num field on RIPE). This is a double-check designed to reduce impacts of human error and crude spoofing. Please ensure AS-SET and ROUTE objects are maintained accurately.

Private peering can also be arranged at most PoPs if sufficient traffic is exchanged.

Also see our PeeringDB factsheet - this includes NOC contact details.