Prefix Updates

Customers should supply us with a AS-SET macro of all ASNs they announce and keep this up to date.

Inbound policy filters will be built from this; however, this is currently a manual update process, so customers should raise a support case if any changes are planned.

Blackhole Service

We operate a blackhole (null-route) service for BGP customers. This allows the customer to signal that traffic destined towards specific /32 (IPv4) or /128 (IPv6) prefixes be dropped before reaching their network, without requiring human intervention. Where possible, we propagate this intention upstream to also remove bad traffic from our network as well as our upstreams'.

Existing customers should request setup information from their account manager or by raising a support case.

BGP Communities

Using communities, customers can control the announcements/propagation of their prefixes as well as query information about received route origins from us and our upstreams.

Received Communities

These are communities sent to customers attached to all prefixes in the routing table:

Route Origin by ASNRoute Origin by Site
51945:ASNThe route is learnt from peer ASN 51945:65400Telehouse North
51945:5459The route is learnt at LINX 51945:65401Telehouse West
51945:8330The route is learnt at LONAP 51945:65402Telehouse East
51945:51706The route is learnt at France-IX 51945:65403GlobalSwitch London 2
8714:6460XFrom LINX route server rsX 51945:65404DRT Sovereign House
8330:6460XFrom LONAP route server rsX 51945:65405DRT Meridian Gate
51706:6460XFrom France-IX route server rsX 51945:65406Equinix HEX 89
Route Type (in order of local preference, best first) 51945:65407Equinix HEX 67
51945:65100Locally originated 51945:65408Telstra LHC
51945:65105Full transit customer 51945:65409Tutis Point/City Reach
51945:65106Partial transit customer 51945:65410GlobalSwitch London 1
51945:65103Private peering 51945:654114D West Byfleet
51945:65104Public peering 51945:65412Pulsant Croydon
51945:65102Partial transit upstream 51945:65413BIS/6DG Greenwich
51945:65101Global transit upstream 51945:65414Netwise Bermondsey
Route Origin by Peering Device 51945:65415Equinix LD4/LD5/LD6
51945:65501THN RT1 51945:65416Datum Farnborough
51945:65502HEX89 RT1 51945:65417Interxion LON1
51945:65503THE RT1 51945:65418Interxion LON2
51945:65504HEX89 SW1 51945:65419Level(3) Goswell Road
51945:65505THN VC1

We also propagate to customers the communities we receive from upstreams:

  • TeliaSonera: 1299:20000 = EU peer; 1299:25000 = US peer; 1299:27000 = Asia peer; 1299:30000 = EU customer; 1299:35000 = US customer; 1299:37000 = Asia customer
  • NTT: see routing policy, all start 2914:
  • Level(3): 3356:123 = customer route; 3356:666 = peer route; 3356:2 = EU peer; 3356:3 = US peer; all other country and city codes (see AS3356 IRR record)
  • Cogent: 174:21000 = US peer; 174:21001 = US customer; 174:21100 = EU peer; 174:21101 = EU customer

Accepted Communities

Customers can send the following per-prefix to control announcement of the prefix:

No Exports
65000:ASNDo not announce to direct peer ASN
65000:0Do not announce to any peer/transit
65000:5459Do not announce to any LINX peer
65000:8714Do not announce to LINX route servers
65000:51706Do not announce to any France-IX peer
65001:ASNDo announce to ASN (overrides 65000:x)
Upstream Transit
65010:0NTT: Do not announce to any peer
65010:439NTT: Do not announce to any peer outside EU region
65010:4029NTT: Do not announce to North America peers*
65010:4229NTT: Do not announce to Europe peers*
65010:4429NTT: Do not announce to Asia peers*
65010:4629NTT: Do not announce to South America peers*
65020:0TeliaSonera: Do not announce to any peer*
65020:2009TeliaSonera: Do not announce to EU peers*
65020:5009TeliaSonera: Do not announce to US peers*
65020:7009TeliaSonera: Do not announce to Asia peers*
65040:0Cogent: Do not announce to any peer or customer*
65040:3000Cogent: Do not announce to SFI peers (but do to customers)*
65050:0Level(3): Do not announce to any peer (but do to customers)*
65050:64980Level(3): Do not announce to any EU peer (but do to customers)*
65050:64990Level(3): Do not announce to any US peer (but do to customers)*